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Totally agree with everything here. If these guys ever want to make real money the bundle has to make a comeback - however it is extremely anti-competitive behavior (eg. it’s basically a monopoly).

For the bundle to work, everyone has to play ball though, most people don’t care about sports so having netflix as a cheaper alternative screws up the whole thing I think.

That’s why the Disney bundle is so terrible economically, bundling only works when you are forcing people to pay full price for everything or get nothing, otherwise you just have a bloated package in a competitve market, forcing you to discount (1.99 disney +...)

The interesting question is what happens if it stays competitive. I think the winners will be the smaller players with very targeted, well monetized audiences (‘superfans’). Something like Discovery+ works well, clear demo, low cost per sub because the content is narrow, efficient pricing.. HBO also benefits from having real pricing power and a monopoly on ‘great shows’. WB television is probably worth an NBCU or an Apple TV+. Looks like a very strong combo to compete in general entertainment.

Don’t think Disney+ is viable in its current form, have doubts about PARA, Peacock and the other small ones. Next few years bound to be interesting

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The piece didn't touch on the other approach of completely sitting out the content wars a la Sony, and just taking a mercenary view.

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I'm excited for more blogging from your team.

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