Internet Investing Resources

Table of Contents:

  1. Foundational Materials

  2. Blogs, Newsletters, and Trade Publications

  3. Other Internet Books

  4. Media and Telecom Books

Foundational Materials


Analysis and Trends:

Understanding Marketplaces:

History of the Internet, FANG, and Others

Memos and Docs

The memos provide insight into the companies think about their businesses and strategy

Blogs, Newsletters, and Trade Publications

Other Internet Books

Media and Telecom Books

Hard to separate the internet from media these days so including those recs here.

Government Documents

DOJ and CMA documents have a lot of detail about the big tech internet businesses


Tren’s entire blog is worth reading and skimming but it’s hard to bucket it into any one category.


If you don’t know about Ben Thompson, this is a gross understatement.


Spinout of Nasper